The Steve Ballmer Method: How Microsoft's CEO Succeeded

Do you know? If you search Google for phrases such as “Steve Jobs teachings” or “How to be Steve Jobs,” you will get pages upon pages of advice. After another boring sermon, the next one shows you how to copy a few of the great dictator’s habits. If you replace “Jobs” with “Ballmer,” you don’t get much of anything.

I have no doubt that you have a lot to gain by listening to Steve Ballmer. More than you could ever hope to learn from Steve Jobs. You’re not like Jobs. Jobs was a gorgeous, lustrous-haired genius who, in his early 20s, teamed up with another genius to build a new, internationally significant (and instantly profitable) corporation. Jobs was responsible for the creation of Apple Inc. Ballmer was a funny-looking bald man who wasn’t very brilliant and he joined a flourishing firm as employee number 30. Which one best describes you?

Jobs had a net worth of $10 billion when he died. Ballmer’s net worth as of now is $91.4 billion. He spent his whole career with Microsoft, which spanned 34 years. He never lost his job throughout his life.

If you are not a genius and have not found a globally significant firm by the time you are in your early 20s, you will probably learn more from Ballmer than you can from Jobs. This is particularly true if you have an odd appearance.

To be Ballmer be large, even if you’re not.

You should always make the most of the hand you’ve been dealt. Being employee number 30 at Microsoft is a bad hand to be dealt since it involves all of the hard labor of creating a corporation but very little reward. Unless you’re Ballmer. After that, you will get 8%, which will make you one of the wealthiest men in the world.

In the first timeline, Steve Jobs interrupts your meeting. Soon, he will be here. Everyone will consider him to be a cool guy. He is going to upgrade the music that is playing on the sound system. He will inquire about, and maybe bring, some beverages that are far better than the ones you had. Everyone departs with the impression that he was the most interesting visitor in the room, and as a direct consequence, they all feel that they are less interesting.

In Timeline 2, Bill Gates is the one in question. He is going to be approachable yet uncomfortable. Even though he’s a great conversationalist, the party seems to lose some of its energy while he’s there. He says he’s sorry and that he forgot to bring something, but the truth is that he doesn’t know how to act at a party.

Timeline 3, Steve Ballmer When you answer the door, you are greeted by his gigantic smile, and before you know it, he is in the hallway offering you a bottle of something inexpensive (but with such assurance that you don’t notice), and he is giving you the handshake of your life. If so, let him in. I am savoring it. I just like the song. having a great time with the food and beverages. He is making his way around the room, greeting everyone. And after some time has passed, you find that he has begun saying things to your visitors, such as “Thanks for coming, fantastic to see you!” Everyone had a wonderful time at his celebration, which ended up lasting until the wee hours of the night. It’s Steve Ballmer right there.

It is simple to make fun of Steve Ballmer. You see videos. The TV commercial is for Windows. The people who “develop developers” generate developers. What a useless person. What a klutz you are. But this is exactly my argument. The individual who follows will wear their mediocrity with such vigor, unlimited zeal, and unbridled passion that no one else will even attempt to compete with them.

You’re not Steve Jobs, that’s for sure. You’re mediocre, like me. You are wasting your time reading crummy articles on how to imitate other people that you found online. Do you believe Steve Jobs was responsible for that?

The world is teeming with people who want to be like Steve Jobs. Nobody aspires to be as successful as Steve Ballmer was. Except me. And now you. Try your hand at it. Please keep me updated on how things are going.

Mission briefing for Steve Ballmer.

Are you prepared to become more Steve Ballmer-like? Here are five concrete tasks that need to be done today:

  • Make an attempt to employ the following bodily expressions in your next interaction with a coworker: wide grin, tongue out, salute, and claw.
  • When you deliver a presentation the next time, be sure to repeat the same important phrase or term at least five times. Then, if at all possible. Find a rhythm. Rap it.
  • Imagine you are the tallest person in the room or strive to become the tallest person in the room. (Why don’t you create some scenarios in which they’re seated and you’re standing?)
  • When you feel like there is a space that is about to close, push yourself in with all of your might. Enjoy the gathering, participate actively in it, and then make it your own.
  • Find a way to get even with your opponent. switch roles and become the ones responsible for providing opportunities rather than the ones receiving them.

Good luck! The only piece of guidance that I was able to locate directly from Steve Ballmer was this one.

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