How to Earn Money From Multiple Sources as a Programmer

Computers and a reasonably fast internet connection are available to programmers at all times. Do you agree that this is a good place to start?

There is more to this tale than meets the eye. I believe that programmers have a natural advantage when it comes to the creation of side hustles. Is it possible?

Here are a few methods by which you may monetize your expertise without having to do anything that is wildly different from the skill set you already possess.

  1. The Creation of Content

I have lost track of the number of times that this choice has been presented to me on a variety of lists.

Listen to what I have to say!

Simply beginning a blog for no particular reason will not result in that site being a source of cash for you. It requires a significant investment of time and effort, and it can be many years before you start to see a profit.

If you have the opportunity to participate in the partnership program offered by Medium, then you should begin publishing on this platform.

If that is not a possibility, you should begin a steady writing schedule on the the platform. In a few weeks or months, people will contact you and ask you to write technical articles. This platform has a strong community of developers who are always ready to give feedback and help when needed.

Due of the financial benefits, I spend more time on Medium than I do on; nonetheless, there are occasions when I do miss the community that I had on the latter site.

Technical information, particularly tutorials and content relating to DevOps, is in particularly high demand on the video-sharing website Youtube. It is far simpler to express complex ideas through the use of a movie than through the use of words. That is a system on which I want to begin development very soon.

You could also utilize smaller portions of the same information and publish it on social networking sites like Twitter and Linkedin. Information that is just a few bytes long is quite popular among busy programmers.

Because I also take on contract-based programming tasks, I did not have the time to accept the writing requests that I received via my blogs on the platform and my postings on Linkedin. However, I did get those requests. Medium is the source of the majority of my earnings from the development of content.

After you have selected a platform on which to produce content, it is time to move on to the subsequent source of revenue.

  1. Digital Products

Discovering a product that you are excited to use is the most effective method for accomplishing your goal.

I was unsure of the kind of questions that would be asked of me during the interviews when I applied for jobs via consultancies. After successfully completing a number of interviews, I decided to provide a guide for prospective Java Technical Lead candidates to use throughout the interview process.

Because it was my first time selling a digital product, I did it at a very low rate, and my objective was also extremely modest. I did not make nearly as much money as I had hoped. I had hoped to make only a single sale.

The very first purchase was made on the day when the product was initially made available for purchase. After that, I closed a second deal, and so on and so forth. There have been 799 people who have visited my Gumroad page, but I’ve only earned 13 sales so far.

That is not a very high figure, but I am aware that it is the beginning. I also want folks to be aware that it is possible to create stuff that is desired by other people. It is not necessary to have a very high IQ in order to come up with an idea. Make items that you need since other people probably have the same needs as you.

  1. Smart Investments

In a previous piece, I discussed some of my ideas on the possibility of turning revenue streams that are now very little and would soon dry up into streams that will continue indefinitely.

Certain platforms may be quite lucrative in terms of financial rewards, while others are not nearly as lucrative. It is up to us to transform it into something that is of value.

When I first began investing in stocks via Robinhood a few months ago, one of the first companies that I purchased for my portfolio was GBT, and I paid $32 or thereabouts for each share. After it was made known that Pfizer had acquired the GBT, the stock price shot up to $66 and continued to rise.

My profit was still in the triple digits since I didn’t have a large quantity of that stock in my portfolio, but in the first two months, I was able to more than quadruple the amount of money I earned from writing on Medium. By reinvesting both the capital and the profit I made into the stock market, I can increase the amount of money I make in the future.

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