10 Side Hustles You Can Start During the Recession

During this economic downturn, strengthening your capacity to produce cash is the single most critical thing you can do for yourself.

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but money seems to be hanging around in every conceivable location. The only thing left to do is put in your claim.

Because of this, I decided to compile a list of 11 side businesses that need nothing more than a laptop and can be started right now.

I’m not going to promise that doing these things will make you a billionaire, but I am saying that they could be able to replace the income you have now.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

  1. Content for TikTok

The algorithms that power TikTok are responsible for its meteoric rise in popularity, and this makes the app an extremely valuable tool for users as well as for companies.

TikTok enables its users to generate money via the provision of a variety of services to businesses.

Here are several examples:

  • Developing Content Contributed By Users for an Existing Product
  • Editor for TikTok, Suitable for Businesses or Influencers
  • Make Audio and Video Clips for Podcasts.
  • For instance, there are a lot of podcasts available, so what you could do is contact one of those podcasts and tell them that you will come in and repurpose all of their podcast content. You could also tell them, “Hey, I’m going to create an entirely new channel for you with TikTok.” TikTok is a platform that allows users to upload short videos to share with others.
  1. Boutique Marketing Agency

This includes any kind of service, including but not limited to the following:

  • Thumbnails
  • Ads on Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • TikTok commercials
  • Email marketing
  • Whatever it is, essentially any service that helps companies generate more money, and the agency component of it is just making use of leverage, are all examples of this.

Drop servicing allows you to outsource the actual performance of the services to another party, rather than just continuing to do them yourself.

You merely need to discover the customers and then package everything together under your expertise.

By the way, using this particular company plan was the key to my success in achieving a monthly income of $10,000 in 2020. I’ve now been operating my business for two years.

  1. Coach

If there is anything that you have mastered or are excellent at, such as playing chess or the guitar, there are a lot of people who want to do better in those subjects, and you may help them by sharing your knowledge.

So, you could help people improve their skills by becoming an online chess coach or a guitar teacher. You could do any of these things from a distance using Zoom.

These are only a few examples, but you have the ability to become any kind of coach that you choose. If you have a skill that you are very good at and can guide others through the process, you should consider offering that skill as a service to others.

These days, a lot of individuals are concerned about being coached. They often question why anybody would pay me.

But what I would suggest is that you begin your career by setting your hourly fee at something ridiculously low—like twenty dollars an hour—and then gradually increase it as you gain experience.

  1. Video editing

The most effective type of marketing right now is content.

If you have the ability to produce videos for other people, whether they be shorts, reals, or full-fledged YouTube videos that are bangers, you have the potential to earn a lot of money.

Particularly if you can do it in a manner that allows you to rapidly turn things around, since a lot of people, including a lot of editors, are simply much too sluggish.

In addition to this, if you can carry it out in such a manner that it allows you to see everything through the prism of achieving the best possible retention, then do so. Clients may be informed in particular that…

“Hey, I edit the material in such a manner that you’re going to achieve the highest potential level of retention. You may expect the biggest proportion of viewers to watch the whole video if you start it from the beginning and proceed all the way through to the conclusion.

If you frame the situation in such a manner, you will come out on top!

  1. YouTubing

Do you have anything that you have been dying to share with me and can’t wait to tell me? something that you are aware of that you just cannot stop talking about with your friends, and have you always had the feeling that you could have a good predisposition for being on camera?

Being a YouTube content creator, on the other hand, has the potential to be very profitable.

Keep in mind that it is a very, very slow burn, and for a considerable amount of time, you will not earn a lot of money from it.

If you do it well, though, you have the potential to make an additional $1,500 per month doing something that you probably would’ve wanted to do anyway, or talking about anything, and the topic could be anything.

You may be very into chess and give people online lessons on how to play the game, or you might respond in a specific way to certain games; either way, there are a lot of different things that you can do.

  1. Writer for scripts on YouTube

Now, let’s imagine that you are really, extremely, extremely curious, thrilled, and interested in a subject; but, you may simply not have the kind of personality that will be ideal for YouTube.

If this is the case, you have the potential to develop scripts for videos on YouTube.

If we take the music business as an example, there are a great number of scriptwriters who are, in a sense, the beating heart and the source of lifeblood for some of the most successful musicians.

You may do the same thing by working as a screenplay writer for YouTubers and submitting your work to them.

  1. Theme Pages for TikTok

Between the years 2014 and 2017, and even into 2018, people were generating a significant amount of money using Instagram theme pages. In fact, I counted myself among such individuals. My first business venture was making Instagram theme pages. After that, I “flipped” the accounts and changed their names to match more profitable market categories.

I could earn money by selling things like shout-outs and promotions, among other such things.

That happened in the years 2014 and 2015, to be specific. Now, all of this is wonderful, but that became really, extremely saturated. That is the reason why I quit after a year.

However, TikTok theme sites are the latest wave of this phenomenon.

  1. eBay Flipping

This is quite helpful, particularly if you have a lot of goods lying about the home that you can sell as soon as you start the business.

And if you don’t have it, you can always pull a Gary V and essentially go harass some seven-year-olds at a garage sale. You can do this by pretending to be Gary V.

Of course, I was joking, but only sort of.

However, there are a lot of individuals who aren’t aware of how to shoot nice shots with the appropriate lighting. Therefore, if you are able to do that, you are going to have a significant edge over your competitors.

And this side hustle has been around for decades, and there will always be a divide between those who are unable to promote themselves well and those who are able to do it successfully.

If you have two individuals who are selling the exact same product and one of them does not know how to market it, then the one who does know how to market it will sell it for double, three times, or even five times the price that the other person did.

  1. Writing duplicates

Now, people are willing to pay a lot of money if you can take care of their emails for them, create a weekly newsletter for them, update their Facebook page, post to their Twitter account, and really anything else you can do to help alleviate the stress that they have associated with producing written content.

There are just three or four abilities to choose from. I would argue that it does not matter who you are or what sector you are in; acquiring this particular ability will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life regardless of the field in which you work.

One of these abilities is known as copywriting.

Therefore, as I previously said, whether that be assisting with emails, whether that be assisting with sales scripts, whether that be assisting with landing sites, whether that be assisting with Twitter tweets, or anything else.

If you are able to assist others in articulating their thoughts, presenting themselves, and making more sales via the use of written communication, you will be compensated well for your services.

  1. Airbnb Marketing Agency

There are a lot of Airbnbs out there, and a lot of them simply have very bad listings and really bad presentations.

Therefore, if you are able to establish a marketing firm that assists Airbnb owners with their listings, marketing, writing descriptions, taking the appropriate images, and anything else that generates a favorable return on investment, you should do so.

This indicates that not only will they have a greater number of reservations, but they also have the ability to raise their prices.

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